A MIDI enabled VST plugin to incorporate a multitude of audiovisual devices into a musical performance.

What is it?

You're a musician playing onstage:
 Wouldnt it be great to trigger a smoke machine with your instrument?
 Or even better, what if you could switch on a spotlight on you when you play an iconic phrase?
 Maybe you are adventerous, maybe you want to control a flamethrower.

We, at CIMIL, are working hard to make this possible!

How does it work?

The input to Hot Licks is your MIDI instruemt. You will record a few phrases that you would include in your performace beforehand. The AI powered Pattern Detector will then train itself to recognize the phrases.

It gets even better!
We have developed the algorithms to detect any artistic variations you would do to the musical phrase when you're feeling it onstage.
 - Want to do a pitch bend?
 - Want to use your whammy bar?
 - Want to add some extra notes to add a little bit of spice?
Worry not, we've got you covered!

You can set up Hot Licks to send messages to any MIDI compatible DMX controller to control stage lights, smoke machines, or anything you'd like upon playing one of the programmed phrases!

Who we are.

We are CIMIL, a group of musicians turned scientists at the Univeristy of Trento, Italy.
We are passionate about Music Technology and smart digital musical instruments. We are also actively researching on machine learning based acoustic guitar technique classification, ultra low latency streaming via internet, spacial audio, pattern matching, and much much more.